Raw Irish spring blossom honey

Raw Spring Blossom Honey 4kg


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  • Most popular type of raw honey we sell in Irish markets
  • Flower and Garden Honey is harvested by bees from a variety of plants and flowers that are blooming in the late spring. For example; dandelions, rapeseeds, apples, plums, maples, cherries, pears and many more plants and flowers that are blooming in the spring months.
  • Light Yellow or Light Golden Colour
  • Pleasant aroma
  • 100 % raw and unprocessed honey
  • The Honey comes in a jar with a lid that can be reused
  • Honey crystallises over time which is a sign of pureness
  • Set Honey
  • Fast Irish Shipping
  • Supervalu is what you will receive when buying our raw honey

4x1kg tubs


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