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Creamy Spring Blossom Honey 4kg jar

Healthy Bee Honey Ireland

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Heathy Bee creamy spring blossom honey is soft as a cloud, bright as a spring lawn and sweet as a morning sun! Raw honey has the tendency to crystallize and harden over time. This is a natural and spontaneous process. It would be difficult to pour such honey on freshly baked morning pancakes.

However, we have a solution!

What is creamy honey?

Creamy honey is the same raw honey, but just with a much easier texture to handle on your spoon. The first thing to clarify is that creamy honey doesn’t have anything added to it and it is exactly the same honey in nutrients as raw honey.

How is creamy honey made?

After the harvest, our raw honey undergoes a specific technique where honey is whipped for a long period of time. During this process, the crystals of the raw honey are broken down and whenever the honey sets again, it does not have any crystals left just a soft creamy texture.

The creaming process takes place at low temperatures, for this reason, the nutrients and health benefits of honey are not altered by this process.

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Comes in a glass jar.

4x1kg jars

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