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Honey with Peppermint

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Honey with Freeze- dried Peppermint-  refreshing aroma and even more refreshing taste - that's how our honey dessert with peppermint can be described. Peppermint has long been known and valued for its relaxing, soothing properties and its unique, refreshing coolness that lingers in the mouth. Many people enjoy peppermint aroma and refreshing, cooling taste. Honey enhances all these qualities, enriching them with vitamins and minerals.

What is Freeze Dried Fruit?

When fruit undergoes a process of freeze-drying, also referred to as 'lyophilization,' it removes 98% of moisture from the fruit while retaining its nutritional value. This is why 10g of Freeze-dried berries are equal to 100g of fresh berries in terms of flavour and nutritional value.

Healthy Bee Honey desserts are made by mixing freeze-dried berries with our creamy honey. There are eight flavours that will please even the biggest food gourmets.

Honey desserts can be eaten straight of the spoon, spread on the rice cracker or you can simply make a cup of tea with it.

The pleasing aroma that emits from our creamy honey mixed with freeze dried berries, coconuts and fruits is addictive and we warn you, one teaspoon of this delicious dessert is not enough!

  • 98% Honey
  • 2% Freeze-dried peppermint
  • Origin: Lithuania
  • 235g

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