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Creamy Spring Blossom Honey 4kg



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Introducing Healthy Bee Creamy Spring Blossom Honey - as soft as a cloud, bright as a spring lawn and sweet as a morning sun! While raw honey tends to crystallise and harden over time, making it challenging to pour onto freshly baked morning pancakes, we've found the solution!

What is Creamy Honey?
Creamy honey offers the same raw honey goodness but with a much easier texture to handle on your spoon. It's essential to note that creamy honey contains no additives and retains all the nutrients found in raw honey.

How is Creamy Honey Made?
After the harvest, our raw honey undergoes a specific whipping technique, breaking down its crystals over an extended period. This process results in a smooth, creamy texture without any remaining crystals when the honey sets again. Importantly, the creaming process occurs at low temperatures, preserving the honey's nutrients and health benefits.

  • Spring blossom honey is harvested by bees from a variety of plants and flowers that bloom in late spring. For example: dandelions, rapeseeds, apples, plums, maples, cherries, pears and many more flowering plants that thrive during the spring months.
  • Light yellow or light golden colour with pleasant aroma.
  • 100% Raw and unprocessed honey.
  • The honey comes in a tub with a lid that can be reused.
  • Honey crystallises over time which is a sign of pureness.
  • Creamy honey.
  • Origin: Lithuania.
  • Healthy Bee Honey Ireland.
  • 4x1kg tubs.

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