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Raw Spring Blossom Honey 4kg



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  • Most Popular Type Of Raw Honey We Sell In Irish Markets
  • Spring Blossom Honey Is Harvested By Bees From A Variety Of Plants And Flowers That Are Blooming In The Late Spring. For Example; Dandelions, Rapeseeds, Apples, Plums, Maples, Cherries, Pears And Many More Plants And Flowers That Are Blooming In The Spring Months.
  • Light Yellow Or Light Golden Colour
  • Pleasant Aroma
  • 100 % Raw And Unprocessed Honey
  • The Honey Comes In A Glass Jar With A Lid Which Can Be Reused
  • Honey Crystallises Over Time Which Is A Sign Of Pureness
  • Set Honey
  • Fast Irish Shipping
  • Origin: Lithuania

    4x1kg Tubs


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