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Local Irish Raw Honey 0.225g

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Healthy Bee Local Irish Honey Is Sourced By The Irish Bees And Later Harvested By The Local Irish Beekeepers.

Raw Irish Honey Is A Delicious And Nutritious Product That Is Produced By Bees In Ireland Using Nectar Collected From Various Flowers And Plants. Unlike Processed Honey, Raw Honey Is Not Heated Or Pasteurized, Which Means It Retains All Of Its Natural Enzymes, Antioxidants, Vitamins, And Minerals.

Raw Irish Honey Has A Distinctive Flavour That Is Unique To The Area Where The Bees Collected The Nectar. It Has A Sweet Taste With Floral And Earthy Undertones, And Its Colour Can Range From Pale Yellow To Dark Amber Depending On The Type Of Flowers The Bees Visited.

Storage: Store In A Cool Dry Place

Clear Honey

Origin: Ireland

0.225g Jar


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