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Natural Bee Bread 100g

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Bee Bread- Perga Is Pollen Collected By Bees, Then Mixed With Nectar And Packed Into The Cells Of The Honeycomb Where Ferments Slowly And Forms The Bee Bread. Bees Use The Bee Bread For The Development Of The Colony (Young Bees) In The Spring Months. This Means That Bee Bread Contains All The Nutrients For Bees To Grow And Develop To Their Full Potential.

Ingredients: 100% Natural Bee Bread
Storage: Store In A Cool Dry Place
Origin: Lithuania

Unsuitable For Children Under 3 Years Old.
Recommended Intake For Adults: 1tsp Per Day.
For Children: 1 Granule Per Year Old I.e. 6 Granules For 6 Year Old
Bee Bread Is Not Recommended For People With Allergies Or Hypersensitivity To Honey And Bee Products.

1x100g Glass Jar

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