Buckwheat Honey Ireland

The lingering mouthfeel and amazing health benefits of buckwheat force people to fall in love with it. Its dark color and unique taste are the most loved in Europe.

 Along with its mouthwatering flavour and colour, its higher mineral content and antioxidant compounds come with zero cholesterol or fat. It is a quick form of energy for every age of people. Its long shelf life makes it an ideal choice for busy doers.

What is Buckwheat honey?

Buckwheat honey is produced by bees which gather nectar from small white buckwheat flowers. These flowers are related to rhubarb and don't belong to the wheat family. This honey possesses a dark, malty texture that is extremely nutritious.

Its sweetness power is less than other traditional honey. However, it is regarded as a healthy sugar substitute because of its vitamin and antioxidant content.  

What are the benefits of Buckwheat honey?

The nutrition profile of buckwheat honey makes it an ideal treat for your sweet tooth. Buckwheat honey is not unique in its marvelous flavour and mouthfeel, but also provides amazing health benefits to the human body.

Research has linked the consumption of buckwheat honey with an improved immune system and reduced risk of cancer and heart diseases. Buckwheat honey has also been found beneficial for skin, sore throat, and coughs. Some benefits of buckwheat honey are listed below.

Boost antioxidant levels in the body

Buckwheat honey is packed with antioxidant compounds that can help you stay younger and more beautiful. Antioxidant compounds are well known for reducing the risk of cancer and fighting free radicals.

According to a study, Buckwheat contains numerous antioxidants than other types of honey, while the other study concludes that a mixture of black tea and honey can significantly enhance antioxidant levels in the human body.

Reduce cholesterol 

Buckwheat honey is highly beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases and a family history. It contains beneficial compounds that help to control cholesterol levels in the body and promote the synthesis of HDL (good cholesterol) while lowering LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in the body. Buckwheat honey can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and may help manage blood pressure.

Soothe cough

If you are a mum and suffering from sleepless nights because of the nighttime coughs of your kids, buckwheat honey can become your savior.

A study conducted on the effect of honey on the nighttime coughs of children proves that buckwheat honey is the best treatment for nighttime coughs and is more effective than any cough medicine available on the market.

Prevent DNA mutation

DNA mutation can lead to certain cancers. Buckwheat honey contains many nutrients and antioxidants that can prevent DNA mutation and help you stay healthier than ever before.

Bottom Line

Buckwheat honey provides several health benefits to the human body. It can be added to the diet in different ways. You can take a tablespoon of buckwheat honey or add it to your favorite food. It would also work as a best and healthy sugar substitute.


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