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Benefits and differences between raw honey and pasteurized honey

Love honey? 

Confused by the variety of honey available in the supermarket?

Honey is a nutritious and delicious liquid produced by honeybees. You might have noticed different flavors and kinds of honey available on the market. You will be surprised to know that they not only differ in composition but also in their health-promoting properties.

Raw honey has an opaque and cloudy appearance due to the presence of honeycomb debris that is too small to remove by filtration. While pasteurized honey has a clear and smooth appearance. Raw honey and pasteurized honey have major composition differences between them, which affect their health-promoting properties.

So which honey is best for you?

Here’s a fast comparison between both that might help you choose the best option for your kitchen.

What is raw and pasteurized honey?

Raw honey is directly obtained from the honeycomb and might be filtered to remove the debris. While the pasteurized honey is subjected to high heat treatment, which gives it a clear texture and prevents the crystallization process.

The pasteurized treatment uses high temperature that affects the original properties of the honey and also reduces its nutrient content.

Pasteurization is crucial in terms of other perishable foods such as milk as it extends the shelf life and kills harmful bacteria. However, honey doesn't need this high treatment for food safety as it contains a naturally safe profile. However, it gives an appealing texture to the honey.

The benefits of raw vs. pasteurized honey

All types of honey are safe for consumption. However, processed or pasteurized honey available in the supermarket may possess added sugar that may show adverse effects on health in long-term usage.

You can choose the best type of honey for yourself by considering the difference between their health-promoting properties.

Why Raw honey is more beneficial than pasteurized honey?

Studies show that the presence of a variety of beneficial compounds in raw honey makes it more beneficial than pasteurized honey. Raw honey contains significant vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and bee pollen which contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that help to fight free radicals, reduce inflammation and boost the immune system.

While the pasteurization process reduces the number of elements from the honey such as bee pollen, bee propolis, certain vitamins and minerals, amino acid, enzymes, and antioxidant compounds

Raw honey has its natural form while the pasteurization process destroys or reduces the natural properties of honey


Honey is one of the best natural food that possesses powerful health-promoting properties. All types of honey are great for human health and should be added to the diet. Honey can be easily incorporated into the diet. It can be taken with water, salad, desserts, and many other recipes. Pasteurized and raw honey differ in their composition as pasteurized honey goes through processing to improve its appearance and make it acceptable for the consumer.


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